Graphic Designer

BFA Thesis 2019


In many homes across Qatar, gender inequality is maintained through family ideals and cultural traditions. Many women are encouraged to stay at home to raise their children, rather than pursue a career. For men, expectations revolve around success in the workplace, with many overlooking their participation in child rearing. This thesis responds by asking the audience to consider the cultural and familial expectations of women in households across Qatar, particularly regarding how children are raised. A series of typographic prompts challenge the audience to reconsider how households are managed and aims to change people's attitudes towards these typical gender roles.

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Type Posters

Qatari Phrases

Qatari phrases used in everyday gatherings. People usually say these phrases not thinking about if it is sexist or not, they were taught these roles and phrases from their parents who were taught for their parents. I put a twist on some of these phrases to make people angry and really think about what these phrases mean.

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Type Objects

Qatari Phrases

Objects that families use in their everyday life. I related them to Qatari phrases that are casually used by the older generation that are sexist to both males and female.

Jewelry box

The modern Qatari woman owns a Jewelry box to keep all her Gold in. This particular box is designed to tell the woman how to use her Jewelry box, the text on the mirror tells her to “Look good for your husband” while the text found inside the drawer tells her to “Wear what your husband likes”.



Tissue Box

When a person cries the first thing they look for are some tissues to wipe away their tears. I added sayings I hear all around me that describes the people that are crying. The pink tissue box says “A girl who cries is spoiled”. The blue tissue box says “A man that cries is not a man”.


Cutting Board

It is assumed that in every house it is the woman’s job to cook for the family merely because she is the WOMAN. The cutting board is used to display the message “A good wife cooks for her husband”.



In every household the woman’s job is to cook and serve the family. The orange and yellow apron has a saying “A man’s heart is in his stomach” to remind the woman how to please her husband. The pink and peach apron has a saying “A woman’s heart is in her husband’s pocket”, it is a twist on the actual saying which is on the orange apron and it came from the fact that everyone thinks that girls only want a rich husband.

Serving Tray

When it comes to having family gatherings it is expected from the woman to pour tea and coffee to her male siblings. This is the most common phrase I hear every time I visit my grandparents house. The tray has the saying “Get up and pour tea” and it is only intended for the females.


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